Shipping & Delivery

Port of Loading

Stone Depot export our product through 2 main port in Indonesia; Semarang Port and Surabaya Port.

How We Ship The Product

Our natural stone normally shipped by sea freight in two ways:

1. By FCL  (Full Container Loaded) using 20 feet dry container.

A 20-foot container is the standard method for transporting natural stone in international trade. The maximum capacity of these containers is dictated by weight regulations that vary by country.

Below is an estimated loading capacity for a 20-foot container in various countries:

No Country Region Maximum Weights (Kgs) Loadability in 20 mm Thick(m2)
1 Asian Country 26,000 600
2 USA & Canada 18,000 350
3 South America 25,000 500
4 Australia & New Zealand 25,000 500

 2. By LCL (Less than Container Loaded)  

An LCL shipment is coordinated by a shipping agent who merges our items with those of others into a single container.

Please refer to the provided image. For an LCL shipment, items belonging to Mr. Smith would be in the same container as those of Mr. Bob, Mr. John, and Ms. Ann.

LCL shipments are suitable for orders less than the baseline quantity for a 20-foot container, like a 50 m2 order. Although your order is shipped in the 20-foot container, it’s grouped with items from other shippers, which could range from furniture to food to clothing. This approach of LCL shipping remains cost-effective when compared to air freight.

Our per m2 charge for LCL differs from a full container load. The FOB rate per m2 for LCL is more than for FCL, which affects our pricing. To clarify with an example:

In an FCL, we can load 500 m2 at an FOB cost of $2,000, resulting in an FOB rate of $4/m2. But if you order just 100 m2 shipped by LCL at an FOB cost of $700, the rate is $7/m2. The smaller the order, the higher the cost per unit.