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How To Do Treatment For Indonesia Natural Stone

Treatment stages in Indonesia natural stone can differ into 4 stages:

    1. Pre-Treatment
    2. Treatment After Laying
    3. Protection
    4. Finishing


While pre-treatment isn’t strictly required, it’s recommended for highly absorbent materials. Benefits of pre-treatment include protection against grout residue, easier grouting, and streamlined post-laying cleaning.

For a pre-grouting protective measure, we suggest the FILAPRW200 chemical. Designed to shield the floor during the gap between installation and grouting, FILAPRW200 effectively combats dirt formed during the laying and grouting processes. Using this chemical also simplifies cleaning and doesn’t alter the look of the natural stone.

For stones set with adhesive, pre-treatment should be done at least a day before grouting.

Even though pre-treatment isn’t absolutely essential, it can prevent certain issues, notably salt deposits or efflorescence. To further protect, consider sealing the underside of the natural stone with a breathable water-repellent protector like FILAW68.

Treatment After Laying

Post-installation washing offers benefits like simplifying the subsequent steps of protection and upkeep. This phase also helps remove leftover cement, adhesive, and various construction residues.

The chemicals used in this treatment phase vary based on the stone’s specific properties, as detailed beside:

No Material Ph Scale Chemical Product
1 Marble, Basalt Neutral FilaCleaner
2 Basalt Acid Deterdek
3 Sandstone, Limestone Alkaline FilaPS87
4 Glass Mosaic Alkaline FilaPS87


The protection phase offers multiple benefits, including preventing water and oil stain absorption, simplifying maintenance, and extending the lifespan of the natural stone.

Protection measures are especially advised for Indonesia’s natural stones that are absorbent, like polished marble, as well as exterior floor and surface materials such as limestone and sandstone.

For Indonesia’s natural stone protection, specific chemicals are selected based on various factors: the stone’s type, its placement (indoors or outdoors, on floors or walls), the kind of protection needed (whether water-repellent or stain-resistant), and the desired appearance (be it natural, color-enhancing, or a wet look).

Water Repellent Protectors VS Stain Protectors

Water Reppelent Protectors Stain Protectors
Character Breathable, penetrate right into the stone material pores Breathable, penetrate right into the stone material pores
Character Repelling water and allowing air and water vapor to pass Repelling water and allowing air and water vapor to pass
Use Suitable for exterior surfaces Suitable for interior surfaces
Protection Protect material from the wheater Protect from the stain
Protection Prevent from Mould, Moss, and Efflorescences Give the stone material desired effect: natural, color enhancing or wet look
Product Hydrorep, FilaPT10 FilaStonePlus , FilaMP90, FilaPT10

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How To Select Best Indonesia Natural Stone

Select Your Material

Browse our website to explore various products from the comfort of your home. You can make your choices through our product or range menus. Additionally, our project photos can offer design inspiration for your home.

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If traveling is not feasible for you, our Stone Depot team can coordinate a visit by one of our expert consultants, who will bring a comprehensive set of samples to your country.

Installation, Cleaning, and Care

Stone Depot can provide guidance on product installation. Certain stone products, like the random crazy cut, require specialized skills for installation. We can also send one of our trained technical staff to instruct your workers on the correct installation techniques. This is a service we frequently offer, particularly for international projects.

We at Stone Depot emphasize the importance of consistent cleaning and maintenance for all the products in our range. For comprehensive information regarding the specific cleaning and maintenance required for your stone, check out our Cleaning & Maintenance section.

Here are some general care tips for natural stone products:

    1. Utilize placemats, particularly under ceramics and other polished items.
    2. Position mats or trivets under hot cookware or dishes.
    3. Use coasters beneath glasses, especially those containing alcohol or citrus juices.
    4. Lay down small mats or rugs at entrances to capture dirt and sand from foot traffic.
    5. Quickly address and clean up any spills to reduce the chance of lasting damage.
    6. Clean surfaces regularly using stone-specific neutral cleaners.
    7. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents like dry or soft cleaners.
    8. Refrain from using alkaline cleaning solutions unless they’re specifically designed for stone.

Indonesia Natural Stone Character

Each natural stone has its unique properties. For instance, softer limestones shouldn’t be installed in non-tropical regions like Europe. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with us about where you intend to place the stone product.

Caring for natural stone isn’t significantly more challenging than other materials.